Revised Menus:-

Zoe Jordan has revised the “Printed Menus” with the aim of enhancing their readability on mobile phones / tablets etc. The result is a less cluttered look with fewer items listed, but in a more structured format and larger font ! Does this mean the reduction in the number of different meals available I hear you ask?

Not at all. Most of the items that have been removed from the printed menu now appear on the “Daily Specials” board which will give the Chef extra flexibility as to what can offered on a particular day.

(I will attempt to update the photo of the “Daily Specials” on a regular basis.)

2 thoughts on “Revised Menus:-

  1. Hi there I was looking at your menu earlier and I’m sure I saw toad in the hole and around 3 others . Can’t see it now has this changed



  2. Hi there we actually came in lunchtime sat at table 1 I had steak n Guinness pie and Tracey had the Sea Bass the food and serve were superb thankyou very much
    Mark & Tracey
    The Albion


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