Dog Policy


Saxon Head On 2013-10-29

The two names over the door, Alan and Peter Jordan, have between them seven dogs, therefore I think it’s fair to say they are dog lovers !

Well behaved dogs, on a lead, are welcome in the bar area only,  NOT in the lounge or restaurant. After all non-dog owners would not appreciate your ‘hound’ sat by their table ‘begging’ would they? Then, of course, there are hygiene and safety considerations to take into account.

On the other hand, the owners of the Greyhound Inn would not wish customers to be forced to sit outside (in the cold?) simply because they have their much-loved ‘mut’ with them; so it is hoped dog owners and other customers will see this arrangement as a sensible compromise?

NOTE: Please ask at the bar if in doubt and the staff will suggest a suitable table which does of course depend on the size of the dog!

One thought on “Dog Policy

  1. Last Thursday 10 of the Staffordshire Rare Breeds Survival Trust had a meal at The Greyhound after a hard day at the County Show. Result – lots of clean plates. The meals were lovely – and I ate the nicest cauliflower that I’ve ever had (not really that keen!) Thank you.


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