Major Improvements in Hand

The ‘Pool Room’ has moved!
Well to be more precise the pool table and dart board have now moved to the (previously underutilized) room upstairs. The area by the car park entrance has been refurbished with the addition of a brick fireplace and log burning stove as the centre piece together with a new floor. A large flat panel T. V has been installed so you can now sit in easy chairs and watch the rugby / football et al with friends and a drink or two.

Reception Area
How many times have you arrived for a meal as a member of a party and had to hang around waiting for a few late comers?  Previously this was a little awkward as it meant loitering in the bar area. Now you can sit in comfort and watch the fire or the T. V (depending on which you find the most interesting!).

New Floor
The carpet has been replaced by a wooden floor which it is thought will be more practical in the bar / reception / TV areas.
A fair number of customers are walkers / boaters wearing boots and/or dog owners who’s mutt may have muddy paws.
Taking that into account carpeting is not ideal in those circumstances so it has been replaced by a more durable wooden floor. Now a quick mop round will soon remove any muddy paw prints!

These changes have been in the offing for some time now and is part of ongoing life of the Greyhound Inn. The management do listen to their customers and try and provide the most appropriate surroundings in keeping with a ‘Country Pub’. Being all things to all people is nearly impossible but we do try!