Marinated Mixed Olives £3.95 (V/GF)

Bread & A Selection of Dipping Oils £5.25
Selection of flavoured butters, olive oil & balsamic served with warm brown & white bread. Add a side order of olives for an extra £1.25

Houmous £4.95 (VG)
Served with chargrilled pitta bread, celery, carrots & cucumber batons


Pan Fried Mushrooms £5.95 (GF/A)
Sauté with garlic, nutmeg, brandy & cream served on wilted English spinach with griddles garlic bread

Cider Battered King Prawns £6.95 (GF)
With a sweet chilli dip

Pate Of The Week £5.95 (GF/A)
Cooked with smoked bacon, brandy & shallots served with caramelised onion & toasted bread

Grilled Goats Cheese £5.95 (V/A)
Served on griddled garlic bread, with a broad bean, pea, mint & smoked bacon salad

Prawn Cocktail £5.95 (GF/A)
Mixed in a Marie Rose Sauce served with brown buttered bloomer

Soup of the Day (GF/A)£4.95
served with warm Brown/ White bloomer

Whitebait £5.95
Served with tartar & green salad

Pub Classics

Mixed Grill £19.95
Steak,Gammon,Lamb Chop,Pork Steak, Sausage, Liver & Black Pudding Served with chips , Mushrooms, Tomato & Onion Rings

Greyhound Grill £9.95 With sausage, bacon, egg, mushroom, tomato & black pudding. Served with chips

Gammon Steak 10oz £12.95/ 5oz £9.95 (GF)
Served with griddled pineapple, egg, chips & garden pea’s

Cider Battered Cod & Chips £12.95 (GF)
Served with chips, mushy peas, lemon wedge & tartar sauce

10oz Rib Eye Steak £22.95 (GF)
Cooked to your liking served with roasted tomatoes, mushroom, onion rings, watercress & chips

Breaded Scampi Tails £12.95 Served with Chips & Tartare Sauce

Crispy Fried Chicken Burger £10.95 Marinated in buttermilk & spices, served on a brioche bun topped with sweet chilli & mayo, lettuce &tomato served with chips

8oz Beef Burger £10.95 (GF/A)
Served on a brioche bun topped with mature cheddar, smoked bacon, caramelised onion, lettuce, tomato served with chips

Chefs Pie of the Week £12.95 in short crust pastry with steamed greens or mushy peas, chips or buttered Mashed Potato


Calfs Liver & Crispy Bacon £15.95 (GF)
Flash fried served with buttered mash, steamed greens, red wine gravy & crispy fried onions

Panfried Salmon £16.95 (GF)
Served with lemon & chive mashed potato, asparagus, brown shrimp and lemon butter

Lasagna £12.95 Served with salad & garlic bread

Fish Pie £15.95 (GF)
Assortment of cod, prawns, salmon & smoked haddock, with saluted shallots, white wine & cream, topped with buttered mashed potato, served with steamed greens

Panfried Sea Bass £14.95 (GF) Served with a chorizo & mixed bean cassoulet & basil dressing

Herb Crusted Lamb Rump £17.95 (GF/A) Served with creamy parsnip mashed potato, pea puree, kale, baby rainbow carrots & port jus

Chicken or King Prawn Curry Of The Week £12.95
Served with rice & naan

French Trimmed Chicken Supreme £15.95 (GF/A) With pan fried wild mushrooms, served with a red wine & tarragon jus, dauphinoise potatoes, kale & baby rainbow carrots

Vegetarian & Vegan

Pea & Spinach Risotto £9.95 (V/VG) Optional Topping of Goats Cheese

Vegetable Lasagna £10.95 (VG) Served With Salad & Garlic Bread

Vegetable Curry Of The Week £12.95 (VG/V) Served with Rice & Naan


Onion Rings £2.95

Mixed Leaf Salad £2.95

Seasonal Vegetables £2.95

Garlic Bread £2.95

Cheesy Garlic Bread £3.50

Chips £2.95

Cheesy Chips £3.50

Fries £2.95

Sweet Potato Fries £3.50

Buttered Mash Potato- £3.50

Sandwiches £5.95

Served on Brown or White Bloomer Bread

Ham & Tomato
With wholegrain mustard, mayonnaise

Mature Cheddar
With caramelised onion

With red onion & malt vinegar or mayonnaise

Smoked Bacon & Guacamole
With lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise

Fish Goujon
With tartar sauce & lettuce

Kids Menu


4oz Beef Burger (GF/A)
served with melted cheddar, Fries & beans or garden peas

Tomato Pasta
Served with a slice of garlic bread

Chicken Goujons (GF/A)
Served with fries & beans or garden peas

Cod Goujons (GF/A)
served with fries & beans or garden pea’s

Pasta Bolognese
served with a slice of garlic bread

Sausage & Mash served with garden peas

Kids Desserts

Chocolate Brownie (GF/A)
with vanilla ice cream

Sticky Toffee
with ice cream

Ice Cream Sundae with vanilla & chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, diced brownie, chocolate flake & sauce

Fresh Fruit with ice cream or cream

Belgian Waffle With ice cream and chocolate or maple syrup


All £5.95

Sticky Toffee Pudding (GF/A)
Served with toffee sauce & custard

Creme Brûlée (GF/A)
Served with shortbread biscuits

Cheeseboard £6.25 (GF/A)
Selection of cheeses served with celery, chutney, grapes & cheese biscuits

Fruit Crumble served with vanilla custard

Mixed Berry Eton Mess (GF) crushed merengue with mixed fresh berries, whipped cream & fruit coulis

Served with a sharp raspberry sauce & mixed berries

Bread & Butter Pudding
Run marinated raisins, cinnamon baked with bread, served with vanilla custard

Chocolate & Toffee Brownie (GF/A)
Served with Chocolate Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream

Selection of Cheshire Farm Ice Cream Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Honeycomb, Run & Raisin, Mint Choc Chip, Vegan Vanilla

Hazelnut & Honeycomb Roulade Served with Ice Cream or Cream

Lemon Meringue Pie
Served with Ice Cream

Belgian Waffle
Served with Ice Cream & chocolate or maple syrup

Cheshire Farm Sorbet (GF)
Lemon or Raspberry

Vegan Pavlova (VG/V)
coconut cream, fresh fruit compote & fruit coulis

Bramley Apple Pie
Served with Vanilla Custard

Raspberry Meringue Roulade Served with Vanilla Ice Cream

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