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Members of the Jordan Family welcomes constructive feedback on your visit to the Greyhound Inn Burston. TripAdvisor is the most popular way of doing this these days, so click on the link below if you want to leave a review or make a suggestion.

TripAdvisor — Greyhound Inn Burston



The Greyhound Inn site on TripAdvisor is now monitored by myself in my role as Web Manager, as well as members of the Jordan Family. I’m actively taking steps to correct the information on this ‘customer generated’ site to align with the data here on the official web site.

Unfortunately there have recently been instances where threats of bad TripAdvisor reviews have been made unless some sort of discount / refund is made. This is tantamount to ‘blackmail’. TripAdvisor is aware of the problem and has a procedure to deal with these threats which will be invoked in the future should this situation arise.

It seems a shame that what starts out as a useful customer service ends up being abused by a few unscrupulous people, but that’s life I suppose?